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Apotheker Schreier und Büger GmbH

Pharmacies / Medical Care

  • Counseling programs for the marketing support and customer loyalty of pharmacies in the area of ​​vaccination advice and CRM.


Chemistry, Energy-industry, Decontamination

  • Development of a platform for the analysis and calculation of process data from a decontamination process.
  • Design and implementation of a script language for performing chemical onlinecalculations.
  • Design and implementation of an online calculation unit (lexer, parser).
  • Design and implementation of a server for coordination of client queries and calculations.
  • Decontamination software for nuclear power plants.
    Based on an S7 environment, data, which allow statements about the DEContamination progress of a power plant, is written to a SQL Server DB. This data is transferred via a set of rules with formula parser in curves that give the operator control criteria for the decontamination sequence.
  • Deconta.

Axel Springer AG, A&F Computersysteme AG, e-nvention AG

Media and publishing

  • Performing a content-management-system for creating television-magazines.
  • A content management system was examined for parallelism. The main problem area: Locking strategy.
  • For the import in an editorial system XSL transformations were implemented.
  • Out of an WSDL proxies had to be generated about Java und .Net. The main problem area: Improving performance for not W3C compliant method signatures of DB requests in a parallel-oriented multi-user environment under a high load.
    The main problem area: Serialization of write operations on MyISAM, switching to InnoDB.
  • Speed Editor.
  • Editorial database.

Bank Gesellschaft Berlin


  • Training and consulting for performance problems in a distributed architecture of the risk assessment.

Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG


    For a POS hardware manufacturers various drivers are developed (current Printer, Scale and cashdrawer), which were implemented according to the UPOS standardization. In this capacity, we work in the UPOS committee with at the next standardization.


Tax advice / informationsystem, software-manufacturers, business-management-software

  • Reporting and analysis-module to complement various DATEV product lines.
  • SparkLine.
  • Performance analysis surrounding firm-book-keeping.
  • Assistant tax account registration and query.
  • Design and development of internationalized input fields.
  • Development and maintenance of basic libraries and migration of the basic components of MFC 4.2 to MFC 7.X.
  • Development and maintenance of basic libraries.
  • Creation of tools for internationalization of JavaScripts.
  • Development of various compiler tools.
  • Development and maintenance of basic components.
  • Data Import for Outlook.
  • "SDV Outlook - Assistant IDVS 4.0".
  • Tool for data import and export.
  • „SDV Import for IDVS 4.0“.
  • Installation Tool (extension of IDVS setups).
  • Developing OLE - base libraries (ERBEX).
  • Data Import for Outlook.
  • (SDV Outlook - Assistant for IDVS 3.0).

Logitrans GmbH

Logistics / CRM

  • Concept and implementation of an order entry and control, as well as controlling and integration for the back office world for forwarding agencies.

Metro AG

Wholesale and retail

  • POS system for retail and wholesale.
  • Scalable standard solution for C&C and the wholesale and retail.
  • Integration in goods economy.
  • The platform can be adapted to different market, agricultural and customer situations, as it is used in an international chain.
  • Planning, design, implementation and partly technical and organizational project management, coaching, consulting development management and team support.

Nürnberg Ticket GmbH

cinema industry

  • Retailing for the cinema industry.
  • Design and development of a multi-tenant Retailing for the catering sector in the cinema industry.
  • Database replication server.
  • Ticketing server for Internet and telephony.

Oberfinanzdirektion Nürnberg


  • Study on the development of a DCOM - document server.

OMMK, Ungarisches Arbeitsministerium

Foreign authorities, software vendors

  • Concept for a location information system on the Internet.
  • Ask information system.
  • Multimedia Development System "Screen Maker".

PPM Graphic Industries GmbH

Textile production / inventory management

  • Concept and realization of a goods economy for the production in the textile industry.
  • Print preparation or PrintProof for Scitex.

Richard H. Gruber Consulting GmbH

Consulting / Information System

  • Concept and realization of a freelancer profiles database, and customer management / acquisition support.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Management Reporting

  • Management reporting for the visualization of Lamda probe production.

Siemens AG

Industry, cabinets, Automotive / EPK, automation, power generation and plant automation and drive engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

  • Development of a CAD-based electronic product catalog to support sales in the cabinet.
  • Analysis, design and development of an object-oriented database server for the persistence of Siemens automation platform.
  • Staff planning (PEP).
  • QBM 0.1.5 - Application for Intranet.
  • Training program (WBP).
  • Freight center. 2000.
  • Management System for Intranet-study document.
  • CAD program for the assembly of control cabinets.

Ticket international software trading GmbH & Co KG

Cinema and Gastronomy / economy of goods.

  • Design and implementation of an enterprise resource planning for cinema center and restaurants. Ticketing Service for online ticket reservation via web / telephony.

VEGA Grieshaber KG

Industry, sensors / CRM, Electronic Components

  • An open and interface-based solution for the integration of several international branches across network connections of different bandwidth and web shop solution.
  • Project management and CRM application architecture.
  • International WebShop.
  • CMS / price list printing.

Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH

Wholesale and retail / POS systems

  • Participation in design and implementation of a POS solution for the wholesale and retail.